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The Vagina Analogues 

"I created the concept of the vagina analogue about ten years ago. A vagina analogue is a feminized - or femmenized - reimagination of a poem that was decidedly masculine in its original utterance. I analogize these poems in order to make a statement: All the Black people needing liberation are not male, and all the women needing liberation are not white. The pieces in this book stand on their own, but readers might gain a richer experience of them if they read the originals and the analogues in tandem. The full collection of analogues is a definite labor of love. Because I love my brothers. Because I love my sisters. So I say: Peace to the men whose work inspired these poems. Peace to the women whose lives inspired these poems. Freedom for us all."

Michelle R. Smith, August 2021

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The Vagina Analogues Cover.jpg
The Vagina Analogues Cover.jpg
The Vagina Analogues Cover.jpg
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